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By registering on this site you

  • confirm you are based in Oxfordshire
  • give permission for posts you submit to be published on the Oxfordshire Bloggers website
    • You keep the copyright of any posts and can ask for them to be removed at any time which will be actioned as soon as the Editor is able to do so
  • confirm the posts you submit are original
  • are happy for advertisements to be added to your posts
    • if present it will be possible for you to include your own adverts in the post on a shared basis with the site

Guidance and information

  • this site is currently run as a hobby so there may be a delay in responding to questions, please bare with us
  • the details shown in the author box and directory are taken from your profile page. It is up to you to keep this up to date
  • you will show in the directory once your first post has been published
  • posts must be connected to Oxfordshire
  • it is your responsible to upload photographs, add categories and tags and proofread your post, the Editors will only check┬áthe post looks suitable to be published e.g. categories are present and will not edit any text
  • all posts need to be a complete read in themselves and not just a link to another blog, however links to other blog posts are encouraged to provide additional information
  • the Editors will choose the time to schedule the post

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  1. Thanks, these are great. Looking forward to sharing my ramblings with you all!


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