Kate Davis

Kate is the founder of Oxfordshire Bloggers. She moved to Didcot in 2001 and now lives near Wallingford with her husband and two young children in a house that needs a total renovation. On her blog darktea ~ capture, process, simplify she uses lists and processes to solve problems and make life simpler.

Olivia May Event

I’m very pleased to announce the first Oxfordshire Blogger event in partnership with Olivia May, a niche designer womenswear shop in Oxford. Details A free, fun and informative Styling Evening at […]

Earth Trust

Earth Trust is an environmental charity in Little Wittenham, South Oxfordshire with 1,200 acres of land including woods, farmland, meadows, wetlands and the Wittenham Clumps. The charity encourages everyone to […]

Location of Prezzo and Cinema in Didcot

We started the Easter holidays by going out for lunch followed by the cinema with a group of B’s friends. It was very convenient that Disney’s Cinderella opened at the start of […]