Oxfordshire bloggers at Britmums Live 2015

It may seem strange that the first meet up of Oxfordshire Bloggers took place in London, but then it was unplanned. Britmums Live is such a big event it is not really a surprise that lots of bloggers based in Oxfordshire decided to attend, and it was by chance that I met some of them among the 700 attendees.

Britmums Live

I love meeting other bloggers, but I doubly love meeting local bloggers. The bloggers in Oxfordshire cover a wide range of topics so it is great to be able to chat across several niches over some drink or food; and to meet an award winning blogger based in the county – Caroline at My daughter won’t sleep.

Oxfordshire Bloggers BritMums LiveWith Susanna, Co-Founder of BritMums Live (if you’re wondering I’m looking at Susanna’s phone and not just gaze into the distance)

Oxfordshire Bloggers BritMums Live

Kate, Carla, Emma, Mary,

Caroline and Tracey

I also met Monica and Katy, but didn’t manage to get photographs of them. I also know there were some other Oxfordshire bloggers there who I didn’t manage to find, Andrea and Kate.

Here are some posts describing the event from some Oxfordshire bloggers:

Planning an Oxfordshire event

Oxfordshire Bloggers hasn’t been around for long, but we are already promoting over 40 blogs through our twitter account, so that means there are many more local bloggers to meet. And next time, we want to meet locally.

We have already started discussing ideas, so if you are a blogger in Oxfordshire please come and join the Facebook group so you can get involved as well. And don’t forget to register on this site as well as it is open for guest posts from all Oxfordshire based bloggers.

We are also happy to hear from organisations who maybe able to help us arrange our event, such as a venue, we are happy to consider all suggestions (well as long as they are in Oxfordshire).

P.S. I remember telling several people that I’m going to be nominated for the Brilliance in Blogging Social Media award, for Oxfordshire Bloggers. Yes I’d had some wine, but hey if I start my campaign with a year to go, maybe it will happen!

Oxon Bloggers support

Oxon Bloggers huddle


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Kate is the founder of Oxfordshire Bloggers. She moved to Didcot in 2001 and now lives near Wallingford with her husband and two young children in a house that needs a total renovation. On her blog darktea ~ capture, process, simplify she uses lists and processes to solve problems and make life simpler.


  1. Brilliant, nothing like putting yourself out there for an award! We’ll have to make sure it happens.

    Love the final pic – came out pretty well considering the light.

    Didn’t realise there were so many of us there. Shame we didn’t find the others (and I keep forgetting Katy is Oxfordshire too).


  2. It was lovely meeting you too, Katy. And look at those photos, considering we were laughing so much they’ve come out really well. I was an eye opener to me that so many bloggers are Oxfordshire based and it’s great that you’ve put this group together to grow and share experiences. Loving it xx
    As for your social media award, well why not – as my Mum always says ‘if you don’t ask you’ll never get!’


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